Apple’s recovered from its second outage in two days

23 Mar 2022 262 views

A few of Apple’s services experienced another outage on Tuesday, just one day after a good chunk of Apple’s services and online infrastructure were knocked offline on Monday. Apple’s system status page says that the issues with Apple Music, Podcasts, Books, and the App Store have been resolved, almost two hours after they began affecting some users.
Thankfully, iMessage, iCloud, Apple Maps, and Apple TV didn’t go down like they did on Monday. During the outage, Apple also warned that there were issues with Weather, Game Center, Apple Card, and the iCloud Web Apps, saying that they may be “slow or unavailable.” Those issues are also now marked as resolved.
During the outage, Apple Music worked for some Verge staff but not for others, and quite a few of us encountered issues trying to download apps or updates from the App Store. Usually, the progress circle would just spin continuously and then return to a download or update button after failing. Now, some Verge staff report that Apple Music is back up and running for them, and I was able to download around 30 app updates without any issues.

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