Deepfake presidents used in Russia-Ukraine war

20 Mar 2022 216 views

A deepfake video shared on Twitter, appearing to show Russian President Vladimir Putin declaring peace, has resurfaced.
Meanwhile, this week Meta and YouTube have taken down a deepfake video of Ukraine’s president talking of surrendering to Russia.
As both sides use manipulated media, what do these videos reveal about the state of misinformation in the conflict?
And are people really believing them?
The unconvincing fake of President Zelensky was ridiculed by many Ukrainians.
Volodymr Zelensky appears behind a podium, telling Ukrainians to put down their weapons. His head appears too large for and more pixelated than his body – and his voice sounds deeper.
In a video posted to his official Instagram account, the real President Zelensky calls it a “childish provocation”.
But the Ukrainian Center for Strategic Communications had warned the Russian government may well use deepfakes to convince Ukrainians to surrender.

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