Dyson headphones come with air vacuum for mouth

31 Mar 2022 347 views

Dyson has taken its first step into wearable technology, with an eye-catching pair of over-ear headphones that come with an air-purifying mouth visor.
Best known for vacuum cleaners, Dyson has diversified in recent years with products such as fans and a hairdryer.
The headphones – dubbed Dyson Zone – are designed to tackle the growing issue of air pollution.
One reviewer said they would definitely “turn heads in the street”.
Britta O’Boyle, deputy editor at gadget publication Pocket-lint, wrote: “Their design is certainly eye catching.”
The sound quality was “excellent”, she told the BBC News, and the headphones had a “lovely construction”.
But as she had been unable to test the product outdoors, she could not say how effectively it would purify air or “how silly you feel wearing it”.
The headphones go on sale in the autumn.

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