Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen testifies before the Senate

09 Oct 2021 275 views

Haugen’s testimony came after a hearing last week, when Facebook global head of Safety Antigone Davis was questioned about the company’s negative impact on children and teens. Davis stuck to Facebook’s script, frustrating senators as she failed to answer questions directly. But Haugen, a former project manager on civic misinformation at Facebook, was predictably more forthcoming with information.

Haugen is an algorithm specialist, having served as a project manager at companies like Google, Pinterest and Yelp. While she was at Facebook, she addressed issues related to democracy, misinformation and counter-espionage.

“Having worked on four different types of social networks, I understand how complex and nuanced these problems are,” Haugen said in her opening statement. “However, the choices being made inside Facebook are disastrous — for our children, for our public safety, for our privacy and for our democracy — and that is why we must demand Facebook make changes.”

Source: https://tcrn.ch/3uUscZc

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