Google’s McLaren sponsorship puts the Android robot and Chrome wheels on its 2022 F1 car

17 Mar 2022 413 views

Season five of Formula 1: Drive to Survive could potentially include scenes of McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown smashing a Chromebook or Android tablet, Tom Brady-style, thanks to a new arrangement between the team and Google.
In 2020, McLaren exited its deal with OnePlus that produced several powerfully-specced black and orange Android phones, but there’s no indication of a similar branding exercise coming to the Pixel series anytime soon.
Instead, the new “multi-year” agreement between Google and McLaren is putting branding on the MCL36 driven by Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo (who is now available to drive in this weekend’s season-opening Bahrain GP after multiple negative tests following a case of COVID-19), their race suits and helmets, and on McLaren’s Number 58 McLaren MX Extreme E race car drivers and team.

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