Hamad Medical Corporation opens first radiopharmaceutical lab

02 Mar 2022 321 views

This new milestone builds on Qatar’s existing impetus of attaining high levels of achievements in the country’s medical sector.

The Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) announces its inception of nuclear treatment of tumors upon the opening of the first radiopharmaceutical laboratory in Qatar.

The new laboratory, which is found at HMC’s National Center for Cancer Care and Research, will provide cancer patients with diagnostic and therapeutic care locally. This allows patients to seek medical help from the country itself rather than resorting to a travel abroad to receive care for this type of treatment, according to the HMC.

The Senior Consultant Radiologist and Chief Radiologist at the HMC, Dr Maryam Al-Kuwari explained that the lab will undertake the preparation of radiation drugs used for diagnosing and treating tumors through nuclear medicine.

The drugs are prepared under strict safety practices that are in accordance with international standards. The doses are carefully calculated to adjust to the types of tumors and the needs of patients. The drug doses are subject to quality control examinations prior to their dispensation to patient, Dr Al-Kuwari noted.

The nuclear treatment of tumors is “based on radioactive drugs which target and destroy cancerous cells without affecting normal or healthy surrounding cells. This technique is a highly effective option to treat malignant thyroid, hepatic, prostate, and endocrine tumors. These therapeutic drugs are isotopes combined with biological molecules that target cancer cells within the human body,” Dr Al-Kuwari said. “Following the diagnostic process, therapeutic drugs are prepared by a highly trained team. Similar laboratories will be established across HMC facilities in the future to meet patient needs in the country,” she continued.

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