How my company is winning the war for engineering talent

13 Oct 2021 249 views

The engineering talent war is real. It has been for some time — but with a pandemic that pushed businesses in all tindustries to focus on e-commerce and virtual products and services, demand for skilled engineers skyrocketed.

In June, more than 365,000 tech jobs in the U.S. were vacant, with software developers, IT support specialists, systems engineers and architects among the most coveted workers by employers.

Yet, we are hiring 10 to 15 engineers a month, far above the industry average. What’s our secret?

First, it’s important to acknowledge that engineers — and most knowledge workers — have choice and bargaining power in today’s job market. An employer needs to not only respect that but take it as an opportunity to create a more attractive workplace — and remain agile long after the hiring tides change.


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