Hundreds of companies potentially hit by Okta hack

24 Mar 2022 314 views

Hundreds of organisations that rely on Okta to provide access to their networks may have been affected by a cyber-attack on the company.
Okta said the “worst case” was 366 of its clients had been affected and their “data may have been viewed or acted upon” – its shares fell 9% on the news.
It says it has more than 15,000 clients – from big companies, including FedEx, to smaller organisations, such as Thanet District Council, in Kent.
Cyber-gang Lapsus$ is behind the hack.
The ransomware group “is a South American threat actor that has recently been linked to cyber-attacks on some high-profile targets”, according to Ekram Ahmed, of cyber-security company Checkpoint .
“The cyber-gang is known for extortion, threatening the release of sensitive information, if demands by its victims are not made” he said.
The group has previously claimed to have broken into some high-profile companies, including Microsoft.

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