Japanese healthcare startup Bisu raises $3.2M seed round to launch its lab-on-a-chip product

10 Oct 2021 297 views

The adoption of telehealth services has boomed in the pandemic — with usage up 38-fold since January 2020, according to a report by McKinsey. While a lot of the attention has been on companies that are building the communications layer between consumers and clinicians, there are also a wave of companies building devices to expand what can be monitored and addressed in a telehealth environment. 

In one of the latest developments, Bisu — a Tokyo-headquartered healthcare startup that has built a lab-grade testing device that can be used at home for diagnostics that translate into actionable health data — has raised $3.2 million. The seed round will be used to launch a portable home health lab, Bisu Body Coach, which provides personalized nutrition and lifestyle advice through easy, accurate urine and saliva testing. The seed funding brings its total raised to $4.3 million.

Source:- techcrunch.com/2021/10/06/japanese-healthcare-startup-bisu-raises-3-2m-seed-round-to-launch-its-lab-on-a-chip-product/

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