LG announces 2022 OLED TV pricing: new 42-inch size costs $1,399

22 Mar 2022 133 views

Just as Samsung did last week, LG is today sharing its official pricing for the company’s 2022 lineup of TVs. First up is the OLED family, which is comprised of several different series lines, including the G2 Gallery Edition, C2, B2, and A2 series. The G2 is the flagship and includes the brightest OLED TV panel that LG has produced yet, though the C2’s display is also getting a brightness boost over last year’s model. Both are being achieved with the help of increased processing power and “Brightness Booster” features.
LG says 2022’s 4K OLED lineup includes its widest range of screen sizes ever. At the smallest end is a new 42-inch C2, which has been priced at $1,399. LG envisions this being a popular choice for desktop gaming in addition to its TV chops. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait a bit for the 42C2; it’s scheduled to ship in May, with most of the other sizes and models coming in either March or April. The C2 will be available in 83-, 77-, 65-, 55-, 48-, and 42-inch sizes.

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