Nest Renew promises to help Nest Thermostat users reduce their carbon footprint

13 Oct 2021 237 views

Not sure where to begin when it comes to reducing your carbon footprint? If you have a Nest thermostat, Google’s new Nest Renew service can help ensure that the energy you’re using is both cleaner and cheaper.

Slated to roll out in the coming weeks, Nest Renew packs a feature called Energy Shift that allows a compatible Nest thermostat to prioritize heating and cooling activities at times when cleaner energy is available on your local power grid.

Speaking during an event Tuesday during which Google outlined a series of new sustainability measures and features,

Nest Director of Product Management Ben Smith said that Energy Shift can also work with the time-of-use rate plans that an increasing number of public utilities are offering. Under these plans, consumers can realize steep discounts on their energy bills by shifting their consumption to off-peak hours, when there’s less demand.


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