Netflix is testing its curated stream of comedy clips on TVs

23 Feb 2022 319 views

Once you’ve opted into the feature (and if you’re part of the test), you can access Fast Laughs by scrolling down on the Netflix homepage until you reach the Fast Laughs row. From there, you can click into the feature, where full-screen clips from Army of the Dead, Big Mouth, Jerry Seinfeld’s stand-up special, and more overtake your screen. You can use the arrows on either side of the clip to advance to the next clip or return to the previous one, and you’ll also get the option to add a title to your List, as well as jump right into the presented show or movie.
Unlike Netflix’s Play Something feature, which lets you shuffle through content suggestions tailored to your taste, Fast Laughs is curated entirely by Netflix staff — this means you won’t get that personalized touch, potentially making browsing a little boring. But at the same time, the algorithm-stripped Fast Laughs might expose you to different content than what Netflix’s deeply ingrained recommendation system already calls your attention to, which, at least for me, tends to get pretty stale.

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