‘Pixel Pass’ might be Google’s answer to the Apple One bundle

13 Oct 2021 298 views

Google’s Pixel 6 might be notable for how you buy it, not just what it offers. Tech news veteran M. Brandon Lee claims to have leaked details of a “Pixel Pass” subscription that would bundle phone payments with an Apple One-style service bundle. Your one monthly fee would include both a Pixel 6 as well as an extended warranty, Google One, Play Pass and YouTube Music/Premium. You could attach it to Google Fi if you wanted, but there would be a version for users who want to choose another carrier.

It’s not clear how much a Pixel Pass would cost. The leaked document suggests it might be US-only, although we wouldn’t rule out launches in countries where full One, Play Pass and YouTube services are available. Lee obtained separate information suggesting the up-front EU pricing would start at €649 (about $750) for the regular Pixel 6 and €899 ($1,040) for the Pixel 6 Pro.


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