“Qatar’s world class innovation infrastructure enables technology startups to secure stable, long-term growth”

13 Mar 2022 338 views

Doha, Qatar: In 2015, the three co-founders of OBRIZUM, a cloud-based adaptive e-Learning platform, were working in deep technologies such as stem cells, biophysics, and genetic engineering as Ph.D students and fellows at the University of Cambridge. By working together as technology professionals and data scientists, the co-founders witnessed a shift in how people use knowledge and collect information.
OBRIZUM is a WISE Accelerator alumni and awardee of the Tech Venture Fund (TVF) from Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP), part of Qatar Foundation, Research, Development and Innovation (QF RDI).
WISE EdTech Accelerator Manager, Victoria Basma said: “The WISE Edtech Accelerator has aimed to support innovation building within education, focusing on technology that is able to help evolve the way we teach and learn. A key partner for the WISE Edtech Accelerator has therefore been QSTP’s Tech Venture Fund, not just as potential funders, but more importantly as local stakeholders who, alongside WISE, are able to drive Qatar toward becoming the region’s first edtech hub. First as an alumni member of our 2017 Edtech Accelerator and now as active contributors to our program, we are so pleased to have the OBRIZUM team as knowledge partners and members of our global edtech network”.

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