‘Reselling PlayStations keeps a roof over my head’

13 Mar 2022 410 views

A sudden drop in income, a mounting medical debt and a family to feed left Sheraz (not his real name) struggling to find another way of making money.
During the pandemic his wife lost her job as a beautician, and the government’s pandemic support was not easily available to him.
So, he turned to “scalping” – an unfavourable term for stockpiling popular products and reselling them at a higher price for profit.
Many sought-after items are resold, including concert tickets, limited-edition trainers and games consoles.
While the general resale of football tickets is illegal, practically everything else is legal to buy up and resell.
Sheraz says he only sells to his friends and family to make about £250 extra a month, so that he can “slowly eat away” at a £50,000 medical bill.
But for a majority of resellers, scalping is big business – and they are using tech to give them an added advantage.

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