Sonos might make your next TV streaming OS

23 Mar 2022 406 views

Sonos is known for its whole-home audio systems and its soundbars, but now the company is hiring for a new home theater project that’s sure to give you more control from the couch. The speculation comes from the mention of a new “Home Theater OS” project being revealed in new Sonos job postings, as reported by Protocol.
The most revealing job posting is perhaps the “Head of Partnerships, Home Theatre” position:

The Head of Partnerships for our Next Generation Sonos Home Theater OS will play a pivotal role in connecting users to the content and services they love with Sonos quality experiences they’ve come to expect.
Protocol points out that Nick Millington, who is Sonos’ chief innovation officer, personally promoted the “Head of Partnerships, Home Theatre” position on LinkedIn: “I’m working on a new home theater project and looking for a partnering executive to help,” Millington said.
Another position is the “UX Lead, Next Generation Home Theater Experience,” which calls for someone with “a proven track record” in items like TV, digital content creation, and advertising. The posting says it requires at least eight years of experience designing “successfully shipped” user interfaces for mobile and TV.

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