Squash world champion addresses Palestinian oppression since ‘politics and sports can now mix’

14 Mar 2022 194 views

The overwhelming support for Ukraine has pushed many to speak out on the selective solidarity displaced by international sport institutions.
World champion and number one squash player, Ali Farag, addressed the recent interdisciplinary practices between football and politics, saying that we should be speaking about Palestine in sports, since we can speak about Ukraine.
Where it was previously taboo to bring politics into sports, a widespread change to that norm has taken place since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, where FIFA and UEFA amongst other international sporting competitions have banned Russia from participating.
The Egyptian star addressed the crowd after winning the title at the Wimbledon club in London on Saturday, saying that people should be “against all killings and oppression in the world”, and it’s time to shed light on Palestine and their struggle which has been ongoing for “for the past 74 years”.
Many have taken to social media praising Ali Farag and his bold move in underlining the unfitting nature of the Palestinian occupation in “the media of the West”, and how the international community have no excuse now to avoid discussing it, given the precedent set by the global reaction to Russia’s war on Ukraine.
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