Trump’s Truth Social app can’t beat Twitter, but it doesn’t have to

25 Feb 2022 298 views

After months of speculation, tribulation, and hype, former President Donald Trump launched his long-awaited social media platform — Truth Social — on Monday. The app, a shameless Twitter clone, is available for download on the Apple App Store and sits at the top of Apple’s download charts as of publication on Wednesday.
But despite all of this excitement, Truth Social remains totally unusable. Hours after the app’s Presidents’ Day launch, it suffered dozens of technical glitches, from a 13-hour outage to users who were unable to make an account, let alone receive the confirmation email that allows them to start the process of joining. Even if you were able to secure a username, it’s likely you’ve been placed on an over 300,000 person waitlist to even start posting your “truths” — Trump language for “tweets.” (To be fair, Devin Nunes, former House member and head of Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG), told Fox News on Sunday that the app wouldn’t be “fully operational” until the end of March.)

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