Zoe Covid-tracking app loses government funding

13 Mar 2022 266 views

An app that was widely used to track the symptoms of Covid will not have its government funding renewed as the UK adapts to living with the disease.
Co-founder of the Zoe Covid study app, Prof Tim Spector, labelled the decision “a really bad mistake”.
The app had received more than £5m in grants from the UK’s Health Security Agency (UKHSA).
The UKHSA said it would continue to monitor Covid-19 “through our world-leading studies and many data sources”.
The Zoe app offered a new way to track diseases, with users inputting symptoms and experts analysing the data.
It was launched in March 2020 and over the next two years the app, developed by King’s College London and technology company Zoe, helped discover new symptoms of Covid.
It also reported on the effects of vaccines and provided up-to-date predictions about the spread of the pandemic.
With 4.7 million users and 850,000 daily contributors, recording more than 480 million health reports, the app was part of one of the largest studies of its kind in the world and led to 40 peer-reviewed scientific papers based on the findings.

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